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Asset Integration

Asset Integration – GIS & EAM

Asset Intensive companies are getting close to designing and constructing intelligent business assets that are automated, adaptable, efficient and semiautonomous.

These intelligent assets that have fully accessible and compatible datasets support lean, automated and end-to-end processes that simultaneously optimize operations, engineering, maintenance, planning and economic performance.

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How we can help?

Pentagon Solution can assist you in your EAM or CMMS choice and ensure digital data is leveraged at all capital build phases to ensure high-fidelity digital data strengthens your drive to attain fully intelligent assets.

These intelligent Assets will then drive your Asset Performance management goals and in turn, help you achieve the various regulatory levels that will be set as KPIs for your business.

Pentagon Solutions focus fully on helping you maintain the digital data workflows that manage changes in asset data and maintain links to maintenance systems thus ensuring a foolproof “single source of truth” solution.

In the intricate realm of construction, the seamless integration of systems can be the difference between a project’s success and its challenges.

At Pentagon Solutions, we don’t just offer integration; we provide a synergy of advanced digital tools and industry expertise. Our deep understanding of construction processes, combined with our tech-forward approach, ensures that every project benefits from enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and innovation.

When you choose us, you’re not just opting for integration; you’re investing in a smarter, streamlined, and more successful construction future.

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Semi Conductor

Specialising in optimizing asset utilization, reducing downtime, improving maintenance processes, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.


Transforming the construction industry into a fully digital and integrated ecosystem across all project phases


Achieve complete digitalization across all phases, leading to enhanced efficiency, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.


Enhance transport safety, efficiency, and sustainability through digitalisation and the imperative to combat climate change and pollution.


BIM for government bodies: Efficiency, cost savings, and smarter infrastructure for a sustainable future.

Data Centres

Asset information management is essential for efficient data centre operations, cost reduction, compliance, security, and infrastructure reliability.

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