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BIM Consultancy

A Single Source for your Digital Construction/BIM needs

Pentagon BIM Consultants - the leading provider of BIM Implementation & Consultancy Services in the UK & Ireland

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We are now part of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme (ACP) supporting BIM. We provide consultancy to help organisations on their digital journey to achieve BSI certification.

Why BIM?

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BIM is a way for your business to reduce risk, cost, time, waste and energy from your project. Essentially BIM is going to save & make you money.
Simply put, BIM is a process that with the correct implementation, will make life easier for everyone involved in projects.

Unlock the full business potential of Lifecycle BIM

Pentagon BIM Consultants frame the BIM process as having 3 main phases: Design, Delivery, and Operation & Maintenance.
We provide services every step of the way specialising in the operation/maintenance phase with our very own BIM & facilities asset management integration unit. By leveraging our experience within the industry working on major BIM projects throughout the UK & Ireland, we can ensure that you reap the business benefits of BIM throughout the full lifespan of the build. 

Where to start?

Start with the end in mind. We believe understanding how a building operates and functions early in the project is crucial to BIM Lifecycle Management and our experts can guide facilities management towards better engagement and streamline the process from the beginning.
We have proven strategies that will save time and costs, we implement the correct processes, train the right people and safeguard your investment in your chosen digital technologies. We know what works and we can speed up your own unique journey towards BIM ensuring you see the value every step of the way.
BIM brings people together. It’s collaboration from Design, Delivery, through to Operation. 

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