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Accruent – Engineering Data Management

Accruent – Engineering Data Management

Data loss and Data inconsistencies can cost your business in more ways than one!

Data loss and Data Inconsistencies will impact your productivity, which can lead to monetary losses, it can also lead to a softening of digital security which in turn can lead to security breaches and ultimately affect your reputation.

“The DAMA Data Management Body of Knowledge states that estimates differ, but experts think that organisations spend between 10-30% of revenue on handling data quality issues.”

In truth, your data is your greatest asset and Pentagon can help you fully realise its potential to ensure your operations run more efficiently than ever before and help you achieve the Digital Goals that will drive your Digital Business Strategy.

How can we help?

At Pentagon, we work with your existing systems or recommend the right system for your industry. That’s where Meridian comes in, as an Engineering Document Management System (EDMS).

Accruent’s Meridian Software is feature-rich and configurable to meet organization-specific requirements with options of on-premise or cloud implementations.

Typical benefits gained when using Meridian to help drive your Digital Business Strategy:

  • Build a true Single Source of Truth that helps achieve Connected Digital Data
  • Control Document or Data Change Management
  • Enable Controlled and Secure data Sharing with Systems and People
  • Improve Asset Lifecycle Performance & increase profitability!
  • Identify & Reduce Risk / Safety Issues
  • Automated Workflows: ensure high-fidelity digital information is maintained throughout the lifecycle of the Asset

Create A Single Source of Truth

Provide instant access to complete, accurate, and most up-to-date documents, drawings, and data. Build trust, increase productivity, save time, and optimise efficiencies while reducing costs, downtime, and accidents.

Streamline Change Management

Track parallel changes, streamline concurrent engineering and approval processes, and leverage automation to keep complex change management projects and document versions under control without sacrificing data quality and integrity.

Improve Collaboration

Break down information silos between maintenance, engineering, and external contractors to easily communicate, collaborate, transmit, and hand off the latest document versions and information.

Seamless Integration

Extend the power of your operations by integrating all other critical systems and users throughout the enterprise to experience your organisation utilising all resources to their greatest potential.

Streamline engineering document management, ensure safety and compliance, maximize company-wide collaboration, and achieve a true single source of truth with Meridian’s purpose-built built Asset Lifecycle Information Management Solution.

  • Controlled Digital Workflows
  • The Right Information for the Job.
  • Change Management
  • Mobile Capabilities

Maintenance Connection CMMS is a comprehensive work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and parts inventory solution. Our user-friendly, web-based CMMS system helps you reduce downtime, maximize effectiveness, and avoid costly failures before they happen.

  • Increase Operational Efficiency
  • Simplify Work Order Management
  • Create a More Data-Driven Organization
  • Maintain Compliance and Audit Preparedness

The MC Kinetic offline, native mobile CMMS application empowers maintenance
teams to execute preventive maintenance, optimize maintenance operations, and
utilize their data using one connected, centralized tool – no connectivity concerns,
no efficiency losses, and no difficulty locating assets or parts.

Benefits include:

  • Maximize efficiency internally and across sites
  • Enjoy anywhere, anytime connectivity
  • Eliminate silos between departments and teams
  •  Empower technicians to execute
    work orders remotely
  • Avoid connectivity loss

Optimise energy costs, manage risk, meet energy efficiency goals, and improve long-term resilience in the face of a volatile energy market with Accruent Observe Energy Management.

Utilise comprehensive IoT energy data to proactively manage risks and reduce energy bill costs

  • Meet Carbon Neutral Goals
  • Combat Rising Energy Costs
  • Monitor and Target Energy Consumption
  • Improve Overall Energy Management Strategies

RedEye serves as your worldwide hub for engineering data. A completely cloud-based Engineering Drawing Management System empowers organisations to securely store, annotate, and collaborate on engineering drawings and documents across all devices.

A trusted engineering information management platform for £450 billion worth of assets worldwide!

  • Unlimited User Licensing
  • Secure storage & sharing ISO27001 compliant
  • Version control & metadata tagging – find data fast
  • Access & markup CAD files, no individual licences needed

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