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RedEye – An Accruent Solution

RedEye – An Accruent Solution

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RedEye - The Engineering Drawing Management Solution

Introducing RedEye, your trusted partner in delivering engineering excellence. This cloud-based Engineering Drawing Management System provides organizations like yours with the tools to securely store, annotate, and collaborate on engineering drawings and documents across all devices. Join us in revolutionising the way engineering information is managed and shared globally.

Trusted engineering information management platform for £450 billion worth of assets worldwide

At Pentagon, we understand your challenges in centralising and organising your engineering data. That’s why RedEye, an Engineering Drawing Management System solution, focuses on tackling your pain points head-on:

  • Centralisation: Say goodbye to scattered documents and data chaos. RedEye centralises all your engineering documents in one secure location.
  • Collaboration: Enable seamless collaboration among your teams. With RedEye, you can easily view, edit, and share engineering drawings and documents, enhancing teamwork efficiency.
  • Version Control: Maintain complete control over document versions. RedEye ensures version control and audit trails, guaranteeing data accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Unlocking Efficiency and Productivity

By streamlining your document management processes, RedEye empowers you to maximise efficiency and productivity:

  • Flexible Workflows: Manage project changes and documents with accurate and flexible workflows, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Integrated Systems: Effortlessly integrate with your current enterprise systems such as ERP and EAM, improving interoperability and streamlining data management.  Pentagon, as a key partner, ensures seamless integration with your existing systems,
  • Ultra-fast Implementation: Get up and running quickly with RedEye. This platform offers an ultra-fast implementation process, allowing you to upload and organise your files with ease.

Experience the RedEye Advantage

  • User-friendly Interface: Designed to be user-friendly, secure, and mobile-accessible, RedEye ensures a seamless user experience across devices.
  • No User Count Limits: Enjoy scalability without limitations. With RedEye, there are no user count limits, allowing you to invite collaborators at any time without additional licensing fees.

Join the RedEye Community

Join leading companies in asset-intensive industries who trust RedEye to streamline their engineering document management processes. Experience the RedEye advantage and unlock the full potential of your data.

Get Started Today

Don’t let document chaos hold you back. Take control of your engineering documents with RedEye’s comprehensive document management solution. Request a demo today and discover how RedEye can revolutionise your workflow.

Why Pentagon?

Leveraging our expertise and longstanding partnership with Accruent, Pentagon facilitates seamless integration with your current systems, ensuring a frictionless transition and optimising the efficiency of your document management workflows. Through collaborative efforts with RedEye and Accruent, Pentagon provides tailored support and guidance, empowering your organisation to harness the full potential of RedEye’s capabilities and streamline operations for heightened productivity and success.

Create A Single Source of Truth

Control your IP with unlimited users in your EDMS. Store your data securely and onshore in our ISO compliant solution.

Maintain compliance

Configure custom workflows to streamline business compliance with automations designed in line with industry standards.

Efficient Version Control

Maintain drawing and document version control to ensure your team has access to the right asset information and its history.

Fast Search

Slash drawing discovery time with RedEye’s robust search capabilities. Utilize rich metadata, GIS and QR codes for instant retrieval.

Protect your IP

Safeguard your intellectual property and records in a secure environment that preserves your information and prevents unauthorized access.

Mobilise Your Teams

Empower in-field teams to find files, markup and share drawings on the go with our iOS and Android companion apps.

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