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What is ISO 19650?

ISO 19650 is an international standard that when complied with, can ensure you and your stakeholders can collaborate and benefit from consistent information management processes regardless of where they operate. ISO 19650 can seem complex due to its broad nature, but it’s about efficient, collaborative, and secure information management in construction and asset management projects.

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For a better understanding of ISO 19650, we’ve split it into four different steps:

(1) Start with information requirements

First, define the necessary information aligned with project goals.

(2) Set up a Common Data Environment (CDE)

Create a digital platform where all project data will be stored and accessible to all team members.

(3) Plan and execute information management

Manage and share information according to defined requirements and processes throughout the project.

(4) Maintain information security

Ensure that sensitive information is protected throughout the project lifecycle.

ISO 19650 Parts

When looking at the information requirements we need to explore what parts of ISO 19650 are necessary.

This will be on a per-project basis:

ISO 19650-1 – Concepts and principles for the entire lifecycle of built assets.

ISO 19650-2 – Focuses on the delivery phase of assets. This is essentially the construction phase, guiding on managing information for a more collaborative and efficient workflow.

ISO 19650-3 – Addresses the operational phase of assets, offering guidelines on how to manage and use information to support asset management and operation.

ISO 19650-4 – Specifies the detailed process and criteria for decision makings when executing an information exchange. This is to ensure the quality of the resulting project information model or asset information model.

ISO 19650-5 – Concerns with the security-minded approach to information management. This is particularly critical for sensitive projects.

Implementing ISO 19650

At Pentagon Solutions, we can seamlessly integrate the fundamental principles of ISO19650 into your business operations. These key concepts are guaranteed to elevate your organisation to the next level…

Information management: 
The structured process of creating, managing, and sharing information.

Common Data Environment (CDE)
A digital space where project information is collected, managed, and shared. It is central to the ISO 19650 process, ensuring that everyone has access to what they need when they need it.

Information requirements
Early in the project, stakeholders define what information is needed, when, and by whom. This includes organizational information requirements (OIR), project information requirements (PIR), and asset information requirements (AIR).

Delivery and exchange of information
Guidelines on creating, formatting, and sharing information to ensure consistency and accessibility.

Roles and responsibilities
The ISO 19650 standard specifies roles to clarify responsibilities for managing and using information. These include the appointing party, the lead appointed party, and the project team.

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Key areas for consideration

There are three key areas in which you will see benefits from Pentagon taking your organisation to ISO 19650 Standard Compliance.

(1) Efficiency and Clarity

Streamlines your workflow by ensuring everyone has the right information at the right time.

(2) Collaboration

Encourages a collaborative approach among various stakeholders, improving decision-making and project outcomes.

(3) Risk Management

Reduces errors and omissions by maintaining a single source of truth, thereby managing risk more effectively.

As the industry continues to shift towards digital ways of operation, stakeholders need to work together in an open and structured manner to effectively manage the digital flow of information and outcomes. With the widespread adoption of high-level BIM, Pentagon can help your organisation gain a competitive advantage and significantly enhance your project outcomes.

ISO 19650 Convention

The purpose of the ISO19650 Naming Convention for Document and Information Management is to establish a consistent approach for naming documents and other information. This approach will ensure that all documentation has a standardised naming structure, making it easy to access, trace, and maintain throughout the life cycle of a built asset. This applies to all project documentation that is created, stored, shared, and archived within the project’s information management systems. 

Below is an example of an ISO 19650 Convention and a summary of it’s values:


ProjectRequiredCode for projectSC1
CoordinatorRequiredCode for organisation creating informationSFT
Volume/SystemRequiredCode for system referenceV1
Levels and LocationRequiredCode to locate information (e.g. floor 1)01
TypeRequiredCode for type of file (e.g. cost plan, method statement etc)M3
RoleRequiredCode for role of organisation (e.g. A – Architect)A
ClassificationOptionalCode for reference asset (Uniclass or equivalent)30_10_30
NumberRequiredSequential file number0001
SuitabilityMeta-dataCode for status of data (e.g. WIP, shared, published etc)S1
RevisionMeta-dataCode for revision of dataP02

Project Codes and Discipline Codes

Project codes and discipline codes sort information based on engineering, architectural, and construction disciplines for easy access to discipline-specific data.

This table shows an example of project codes and discipline codes:

DisciplineProject CodeDiscipline Code
Structural EngineeringXXXXSE-
Interior DesignXXXXID-
Mechanical EngineeringXXXXMECH-
Electrical EngineeringXXXXELEC-
Fire Services EngineeringXXXXFIRE-
Hydraulic EngineeringXXXXHYD-

Pentagon Solutions can establish a framework that can be customised and scaled according to the requirements of specific projects and the complexity of information management tasks involved. Such guidelines are crucial in effectively managing information by the ISO 19650 standards.

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