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Revolutionising Maintenance Management for European F&B Giants!

Discover Accruent’s Comprehensive Maintenance Management Software for Food & Beverage Manufacturers, supplied by Pentagon across Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway! In an industry rife with challenges,...


Our Diverse Solutions for Semi-conductor Company takes the team to Israel!

Our BIM Expertise takes us to Israel. This time our work takes the team to Israel, helping with the global BIM direction of a major semiconductor firm for...

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BIM Project, Post-Handover

What’s Next? This is when the real fun begins, excitement and momentum build as clients begin to reap and report on the benefits and efficiencies realised by implementing...

We passed this year’s BlueCielo Certification Specialist Exam

Benefit from our two BlueCielo Certified Specialists Preferred Provider of BlueCielo Solutions Benefit from our BlueCielo Certified Specialists We are proud to offer our customers the services of...

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Digital Asset Integration Series

Catch up on the latest in the YouTube series delving into key features of Digital Asset Integration solutions. Firstly, we introduce Accruent’s cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)...

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Pentagon Awarded Partner of the Year!

The Digital Integration Team awarded Partner of the Year out of all Accruent Partners in over 50 countries! The team were nominated for numerous awards at the annual...

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The Value of an Efficient Engineering Document Management System

Discover how Meridian ticks all the boxes making it the ultimate, most efficient, Engineering Document Management System for Owner/Operators in Asset intensive industries. Engineering Information Management is about...

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Digital Asset Management Podcast Series

Catch up on our podcast series that deals with Digital Construction hot topics! Every industry is talking about going digital, none more so than Construction, where the need...

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