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Pentagon Solutions certified teams are completely dedicated to the Creation, Visualisation and Management of Design data created by our customers

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Pentagon Solutions is a leading supplier and consultancy of Autodesk & SolidWorks CAD technologies and BlueCielo Engineering Content & Asset Information Management technologies in the UK & Ireland, as well as leading in the field of BIM implementation & consultancy services.

We are completely dedicated to the creation, visualisation and management of CAD drawings & engineering data created by our customers, in all lines of business, public and private. Many companies using these types of technology seem to lose sight of the ‘bigger picture’, typically how CAD data will eventually become a finished asset. We at Pentagon remain focused on this often complex but real life process.

At Pentagon, the range of CAD Design, Engineering Drawing & Asset Information Management & BIM software tools we supply and consult in, are all industry leading technologies and we specialise in making these tools work together, seamlessly for you.

Typically we provide, implement and train users in Autodesk CAD, BlueCielo ECM & AIM and SolidWorks CAD & FEA products which allows us to furnish you with completely bespoke solutions. We know through the passage of time that our approach is unique and delivers result for you.