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Training Course Outlines Catalogue

Gain credibility & Get ahead with our Training & Certification

Let our expert trainers instruct you on how to get the maximum from your Autodesk CAD / BIM & ECM software tools

AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD Beyond the Basics 

AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials 

AutoCAD Advanced

AutoCAD: 3D Drawing and Modelling

Industry-Specific Training

AutoCAD Architecture 

Autodesk Infraworks

Autodesk CAD Management and Administration

AutoCAD  3D Drawing and Modeling

AutoCAD Civil 3D Essentials 

AutoCAD Civil 3D Grading 

AutoCAD Plant 3D  2 Day Advanced Course

AutoCAD Plant 3D 3 Day Introduction Course

Autodesk Introduction to Plant 3D Design 

AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals - IEC

Autodesk Fabrication CADmep

AutoCAD Civil 3D for Surveyors

Autodesk 3ds Max Training

BIM Authoring Software Courses

Autodesk Navisworks Essentials 

Revit Architecture Essentials 

Revit BIM Management Template & Family Creation 

Revit Conceptual 

Revit for Project Managers 

Revit MEP Essentials 

Revit Structure Essentials 

Revit Structure Advanced

Autodesk Revit Architecture:
Site and Structural Design

Autodesk Revit Architecture:
Conceptual Design & Visualization

Revit Collaboration Tools

Autodesk Dynamo Essentials

Introduction to DYNAMO for Revit

Autodesk BIM 360: Fundamentals for
Docs, Glue, Build

Autodesk® BIM 360 Glue® User

Digital Prototyping Courses

Autodesk Inventor 

Autodesk Inventor Advanced Assembly Modelling

Autodesk Inventor Advanced Part Modeling 

Autodesk Inventor Tube & Pipe Design 

Autodesk Inventor for Experienced 3D CAD Users

Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal Design

Data Management Courses

Autodesk Vault:
Data Management for Autodesk Inventor Users

Autodesk Vault Professional Essentials

























BIM Courses

BIM for Beginners

BIM Stage 2 Hands-on Workshop

BIM Level 2: Moving from PAS1192 to BS EN ISO 19650

BIM Model Viewing and manipulation course

Model Progression Strategy and BIM object creation Course

Model Collaboration

BIM Stage 2 (BS1192:2007) – Working collaboratively in a CDE

EIR development

Project Information Manager

BIM Execution Plan 

Supply Chain Assessment

COBie in Context

BIM PQQ – What can you do?

BIM issues and workflows 1-day Workshops

Revit Interoperability - Can't we all just get along?

Get Your COBie Straight

Sustainability Analysis

Coming Soon

Revit for Internal Network Collaboration(1 Day)

Civil 3D – Basics Surface Building and Site Integration with Revit(1 Day)

AutoCAD Map 3D – Building GIS and Asset Datasets(2 Days) 

Get Certified

Autodesk Professional Certification, Exam Workshop