Navigating Digital Integration

Learn everything you need to know to fully embrace digital integration with this four-part YouTube series.

Join us for our latest series on Navigating Digital Integration! This immersive experience will guide you through digitising your AEC project workflows, harnessing cutting-edge technologies harmonized with BIM processes.

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Episode 1: Transition from Draft Design to Digital Design

This episode will take you from 2D to 3D CAD design – a necessary step for those aspiring to enter the world of BIM and to remain competitive in a vastly evolving industry. In this video, we ask – are you getting the most out of your AutoCAD software? Do you know what it’s truly capable of? If not, this could be causing massive amounts of rework and increased project costs.

At Pentagon, we can help you utilize the full toolset of AutoCAD to prevent such delays and ultimately save you money.

Episode 2: Adopting a BIM Process with Revit

In Episode 2, we’ll talk about why your organisation needs to adopt a BIM process due to traditional construction processes having many limitations in terms of coordination, collaboration, and information management. Pentagon has helped many organisations take the first step in adopting a BIM process.

Pentagon can integrate your current system so you can start to implement and adopt this new digitalized process.

Episode 3: Improving BIM Project Delivery with Navisworks

Episode 3 explores how Navisworks can help your organization coordinate multiple file types in a collaborative environment for clash detection. Pentagon has been a part of many industry-leading companies in model consolidation and data optimization. By using Navisworks, Pentagon has supported many project managers in creating datasets to optimize the design process before construction begins. The use of these datasets enables project teams to effectively plan and optimize scheduling processes during the construction phase by creating construction timeline simulations to prepare for any issues that may arise on-site.

Pentagon specialises in streamlining model consolidation with data management to ensure you have high-fidelity data at every stage of the built asset lifecycle.

Episode 4: Enhancing Collaboration and Project Management with a Common Data Environment (CDE)

What is a CDE?

A CDE (Common Data Environment) is a centralized platform for efficient project data management, collaboration, and information exchange among stakeholders. It provides secure storage, version control, access control, and workflow management throughout a project’s lifecycle. CDEs facilitate communication, coordination, and integration in projects. ISO 19650 standards define CDE expectations.

Pentagon can assist in effectively implementing the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) Platform into your organization, tailoring this set-up to your specific project requirements, creating a project Template, and allowing you to align with the current ISO Standards.

Ready to Navigate Digitally?

Unlock the full business potential of BIM/Digital Construction by signing up today! The Ultimate Bundle range will ensure you experience a deeper dive into BIM Authoring technologies over 6 days. Your bundle will remain active for up to 9 months, so you can complete each course at a time that suits you. All Ultimate Bundles are for various skill levels, roles, and career ambitions.

The Ultimate BIM bundle is multi-disciplinary with the option to customise further with advanced bolt-ons for the more experienced BIM advocate. This bundle is for those who want to advance their skillset within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry and focuses on leading BIM authoring technologies and processes. Attend online or join us in person at our fully furnished training facility- neither is a compromise on quality! Private and group training available.

At Pentagon, we provide access to the latest Autodesk Revit software. Our instructors are up to date with current industry standards, ensuring that you return to work armed with the latest knowledge and an official Autodesk Certificate for every course within your bundle! This bundle has the added bonus of 30 CPD points!

As a BSI ACP Partner, Pentagon has collaborated with various organisations on their digital journey to achieve the BSI Kitemark for BIM Standards. This helps our clients establish good practices, build resilience, embrace new technologies and be fit for the future. Our seasoned professionals bring a blend of industry experience and innovative thinking, ensuring that your BIM journey is both efficient and forward-thinking. We understand the nuances of integrating BIM into diverse projects, and our tailored approach ensures that your unique requirements are met with precision and foresight.

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However, the value of BIM extends beyond design and construction and into an asset’s operational lifecycle and that’s where Meridian Asset Lifecycle Information Management Software comes in. Accruent’s Meridian delivers data that an owner or operator can use for facilities management, operations, maintenance, refurbishment, and extension, all the way through to eventual demolition. As a trusted Accruent partner, we can leverage both this solution and our BIM consultancy side of the business to establish a true Single Source of Truth (SSoT).

Get in touch today to see how Pentagon can use BIM to reduce risks, costs, time, waste, and energy from your projects.

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