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"We chose the Accruent solution to support the rapid adoption of 3D modelling tools by the industry and our customers. The seamless integration between Meridian and SolidWorks allows us to provide our customer with much more intelligent design while easily managing changes to this information.” ZANEB KHAN, SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN


MSCM Ltd is a manufacturing and development company that specializes in producing a range of components for the Subsea Controls market, including hydraulic couplings and fly-to-place stab plates. The company services clients in the Oil & Gas industry worldwide, with offshore projects undertaken across six continents.


MSCM was using a paper-based, decentralized archive to manage a growing number of documents and engineering drawings. Locating relevant files for projects could be time-consuming, and manual changes by multiple team members often led to duplicate versions of documents. The

  • Manually intensive search and collation of documents for client approval
  • Lack of automated version control caused duplicates and time wasted comparing changes
  • Need to better support clients’ growing 3D CAD needs


MSCM implemented Meridian with the help of Accruent partner, Pentagon Solutions, to consolidate its more than 260,000 documents into one enterprise-wide, digital system. Users across Engineering, Project Management, Production, and Operations are now part of a robust document management workflow that automates engineering change requests and approvals for streamlined project delivery. Meridian’s integration with SolidWorks also manages MSCM’s references and parts library to easily identify all assemblies where a part is used.

  • Standardized workflows across departments with email notifications
  • Configurable access rights and detailed audit trails to control design changes
  • Automatic bi-directional title block syncing with SolidWorks
Accruent solution

"Meridian helped us optimize our working practices across Engineering, Operations and other departments, which has led to quicker and higher quality project delivery for our clients.” ZANEB KHAN, SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN


Meridian has helped MSCM significantly decrease the time spent locating and managing changes to engineering documents, resulting in improved employee and operational efficiency. Controlled change management with complete revision histories has reduced duplicate drawings and streamlined compliance with both equipment quality standards and customer data security requirements. Additional value is provided to clients by more quickly compiling documents for their approval, and through the SolidWorks, integration to support their growing 3D modeling needs.

  • 93% faster document search speed
  • 3% fewer duplicate engineering drawings 0 missing file incidents over the last 2 years
  • Increased Engineering and Operations productivity
  • Improved compliance with equipment and client requirements

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