Digital Asset Management Podcast Series

Catch up on our podcast series that deals with Digital Construction hot topics!

Every industry is talking about going digital, none more so than Construction, where the need to digitise assets is pressing and crucial to building a better, more sustainable future.

Tune in to three episodes with our experts dealing with data integrity, a single source of truth and digital twins – this Spotify podcast has it all! 

data integrity

Episode 1: Validating your Data from the Contractors

Join the discussion around the need to validate and aggregate handover data in the form of documents and asset data. Why having people in place, such as information managers, are critical. However, this only goes so far from a governance perspective. We also need to set up digital workflows to reduce manual inputs. These workflows are essential due to the volume of data and number of transactions as handover data may come into the owner/operator at various stages. Contractors can hold owner data which can be migrated from a Common Data Environment (CDE) to the client system (such as Meridian Asset Management). There are tools for migration, but in our experience, the client wants to host the data (Meridian Cloud/Portal) and apply compliance workflows (Portal). The owner/operator controlling the processes and understanding their digital requirements, drives benefits, particularly if aligned with BIM frameworks and configured in their EDM and CMMS systems ( such as Maintenance Connection and Meridian). Automated workflows such as document naming, sign off, metadata inclusion, reduce risk and are easily configured with virtually no IT overhead.

Episode 2: Single Source of Truth

Construction projects for buildings and infrastructure produce thousands of outputs per project from models, production outputs, schematics, schedules, photos, certificates, and warranties, to name a few. All this asset data needs to be interconnected as owners/operators will have different departments that require access to the data. Clients need to have the confidence that a change in an asset and the corresponding documentation is incorporated into the workflow and vice-versa. A mobile option is also necessary to ensure different access levels or permissions that connect from on-site and off-premise. As many clients run multiple legacy systems (i.e. Maximo\Ultimo), these must be integrated. It is of paramount importance to have a SSoT in place before attempting a Digital Twin approach.

Episode 3: Digital Twins

The final episode in the series reiterates the importance of a Single Source of Truth to achieve a Digital Twin. A deep dive into the term everyone’s using but not necessarily understanding, and what it could mean going forward for the construction industry.

It’s all about Data, from Big Data to Smart Data to Digital Twin – follow the evolution of Asset Data & listen to our in-house experts explain:

  • What is a Digital Twin
  • What are common misunderstandings that people have about Digital Twins?
  • The Benefits of Digital Twins
  • Best practices for building a Digital Twin
  • Digital Twin Examples
  • Digital Twin Technology

Technology in construction continues to play a key role and could potentially provide the answers to global affairs such as climate change, the housing crisis, ageing infrastructure, as well as allowing early adopters to reap the rewards of increased productivity, better collaboration, and completing projects on time and under budget.

Contact the team today let us make your data your best asset.

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