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What is Construction Intelligence?

Pentagon Solutions has conducted extensive research while setting up a system for smarter construction planning. We have successfully completed projects that deliver complete asset integration using this approach.

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“Over 50% of engineering and construction professionals report one or more underperforming projects in the previous year.”


We find that many contractors lack visibility on project delivery and aggregate information from multiple sources such as team timesheets, site schedules, estimated detailing & modelling activity, and the quality of model delivery.

This data can be gathered, optimised, and presented using various customisable visual aids to easily identify the needs of your organization through the Construction Intelligence platform.

These multiple streams of information need to be centralised to achieve more efficient project management within the built environment.

Our Construction Intelligence platform addresses project quality and productivity outputs, as well as helping anticipate risks. With its visual measures and automated solutions, our platform can also assist with the predictability of future projects regardless of technology!

“On average, 52% of rework globally is caused by poor data and miscommunication.”

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How does it work?

The traditional process requires your teams to fill out timesheets on projects they are working on and they may manually estimate modelling output, with all of this data normally getting reviewed on an individual basis. 

With Construction Intelligence, our solution captures and harvests all activity automatically from projects, drawings, and models across all teams over multiple sites.  All the project data which is gathered is automatically collated regarding activity and outputs.

Project team leaders and senior management can analyse this centralised data through a straightforward dashboard on the Construction Intelligence portal. With project modelling outputs, quality, and effort data points being readily available, this helps teams to focus on productivity concerns and even drive predictability of project delivery or assist with pricing future projects. 

How does it benefit your organisation?

Construction Intelligence enhances the overall efficiency, quality, and sustainability of your construction projects. Here’s how:

  • Turns information from subjective into objective – makes it measurable.
  • It is an automated, accurate method of capture – with minimal user or management input.
  • Construction & Contractor Intelligence Solution
  • Bespoke – Customer-Centric Interface & Function
  • Software Agnostic – Integrates with Industry or Customer Applications
  • Defined Metrics and Dashboarding
  • Cloud-based
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The Pentagon Construction Intelligence Platform is a revolutionary tool designed to optimise the construction industry by transforming subjective information into objective, measurable data. 

The platform is characterised by its bespoke, customer-centric interface and functionality, as well as its software-agnostic nature. This allows seamless integration with various industry or customer applications.

Top Features of Construction Intelligence

Construction Intelligence refers to the use of data, analytics, and technology to gain insights and make informed decisions in the construction industry. It involves the collection, analysis, and use of data to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall performance of construction projects.

Here are several capabilities of Construction Intelligence:

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Should you invest in Construction Intelligence?

Investing in Construction Intelligence is crucial for your organisation to remain competitive within the construction industry. It will allow for better project management, energy and resource maximisation, and ultimately generate better profits. 

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in our platform:

(1) Efficiency and Productivity

Construction Intelligence improves planning, scheduling, and resource allocation, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity at construction sites. Our platform automates routine tasks and processes, reducing manual labour and accelerating project timelines.

(2) Cost Savings

Avoiding cost overruns and ensuring financial viability can be helped by the platform’s accurate cost estimation and budgeting tools, with data-driven insights allowing for the identification of cost-saving opportunities and optimization of the supply chain.

(3) Risk Mitigation

The use of predictive analytics and real-time monitoring can significantly help in identifying and mitigating risks early, preventing delays and additional costs. Better risk management enables safety monitoring to be enhanced, reducing the likelihood of accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

(4) Quality Improvement

Data analysis and Building Information Modeling (BIM) contribute to better design and construction quality, with continuous monitoring and feedback loops enabling adjustments and improvements throughout the project lifecycle.

(5) Decision-Making

Having the ability to access accurate and timely data supports informed decision-making at all stages of a construction project, with data visualisation and reporting tools facilitating greater communication and collaboration among stakeholders.

(6) Innovation

Innovation in construction methodologies and practices is fostered through the adoption of new technologies such as AI, IoT, and drones. This increased innovation results in new solutions being developed to address challenges in the construction industry.

(7) Competitive Advantage

By leveraging Construction Intelligence, organisations can differentiate themselves in the market by delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget, alongside gaining a competitive edge which secures more business opportunities.

(8) Customer Satisfaction

Meeting or exceeding project expectations in terms of quality, cost, and timeline leads to higher customer satisfaction which results in these customers returning for future projects and recommending the company to others.

(9) Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with local, regional, and international construction standards and regulations is crucial for construction firms. Our Construction Intelligence platform helps in monitoring and documenting compliance, avoiding legal issues and penalties.

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With each of these aspects being addressed by Construction Intelligence, this contributes to the overall advancement of the construction industry which enables it to be more resilient, adaptable, and future-ready.

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