Discover what the latest version of Navisworks has to offer!

Design optimisation and productivity are the key themes in Autodesk Navisworks 2024!

The 2024 version offers an improved workflow between Navisworks and the Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC), enabling multiple users to work parallel with one another. 

navis 2024

Summary of the newest features and enhancements:

  • Civil alignment support
  • Single-point measure tool
  • DWG file loader improvements
  • Viewpoint report options
  • FBX export options
  • Message centre
  • Autodesk material support (Navisworks Freedom)
  • Connected Navisworks workflows. 

Our technical team found these new features and enhancements to be the most beneficial when working with Navisworks 2024: 

Connected Navisworks Workflows 

Cloud Managed Navisworks Data

  • Creates Collaboration Space on ACC Docs to perform a Navisworks Clashed detection with the result being posted to the Cloud.
  • Provides Open Cloud models from Co-ordination Spaces from ACC in Navisworks.
  • The ability to merge data between Model Co-ordination and Navisworks. 

Improved Clash Detection Engine (V2 Engine)

  • The new V2 engine utilises change awareness for the optimisation of delta object-level clashing with new model version updates.
  • Model Coordination will receive a faster update of clashes following model version updates.
  • For any new projects, V2 will now be the default engine used. 

Batch Issue Creation from Clash Detection

  • You can now perform clashes detection on 50 different types of file formats, with this allowing you to perform clash detection with cloud-based modules.
  • Send issues across the different disciplines and link files across all teams. 
  • Create batch issues from multiple sections and grouped items.  

Civil 3D Alignment

  • This version supports Civil 3D to improve detail quality and collaboration.
  • Aggregate the model within Navisworks and create 3D alignments to review.
  • Improved DWG & NWC integration of Civil 3D models for coordination.
  • The ability to customise the frame aspect to navigate the alignment and section view. 

Navisworks 2024 includes a single-point measurement tool which enables the ability to measure point locations that are relative to active civil alignment stations or grid intersections for building projects. 

Want to reduce errors and rework? The message centre within Navisworks 2024 allows for increased visibility of errors and warnings due to its level of integration. 

Want to learn Navisworks? 

Increase your organisation’s productivity by signing up for one of our Navisworks courses! We provide public, private, and bespoke courses for all levels to tailor to the needs of your organisation! 

Choose from the following: 

  • The Fundamentals of Navisworks (3 days)
  • Beginners Guide to Navisworks (1 day)
  • A Guide to Navisworks for Project Managers, Design Managers, and Contractors (1 day)

Good to go? 

Get in contact with a member of the Pentagon team to secure your place today.

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