A Smarter, Safer, & More Sustainable AEC

Exploring Tech for a Smarter, Safer AEC Industry in 4-Part Video Series.

In this YouTube series, you’ll learn how your organisation can become more energy efficient through the introduction of sustainable building practices as we cover building positioning, light distribution, airflow calculations, and solar analysis!

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Episode One: Building Positioning with Generative Design

In episode one, we’ll explore building positioning with generative design and how it can help improve the way we create and plan building positioning for construction sites! This is important as a successful building orientation can minimise energy loads and maximise free energy from the sun and wind which increases your organisation’s sustainability.

Episode Two: Light Distribution with Generative Design

Episode two dives into the contemporary concept of generative design for analysing light distribution, where we’ll discover how this can help expand the way we analyse light fixture layouts for building designs! Tune in to learn how Pentagon can help your architects and engineers create a sustainable design that minimises energy consumption whilst reducing both costs and carbon footprint.

Episode Three: Airflow Calculations with Dynamo

In episode three, we’ll talk about the innovative concept of using Dynamo for airflow calculations in design and discover how it can help influence the way we think about ventilation and comfort in buildings! Ventilation is crucial for creating comfortable and healthy indoor environments, with proper airflow ensuring the removal of pollutants, the regulation of temperature, and the well-being of building occupants being enhanced.

Episode Four: Solar Radiation Analysis with Dynamo

In the fourth and final episode, we’ll show you how you can use Dynamo for Solar Radiation Analysis to utilize the sun’s energy and reduce costs while contributing to a greener, more eco-friendly future! At Pentagon, we can help architects and engineers use Dynamo to optimize solar energy generation in ways that traditional methods cannot. This video will teach you about the impact of different solar energy strategies on energy production, return on investment, and environmental benefits.

Ready to learn Dynamo for Revit?

Our 1-day Introduction to Dynamo for Revit course has everything you need to get started!

You’ll learn to:

  • Extend BIM with the data and logic environment of graphical algorithm.
  • Solve complex geometric problems using visual logic.
  • Control frameworks for creating, positioning, and visualizing geometry.
  • Create unique systems and relationships using Computational Design.
  • Automate production processes, Documentation, Fabrication, Coordination, Simulation and Analysis.

We also offer over 10 other Revit courses covering a range of different disciplines! You can choose from:

  • Architecture
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Structure
  • HVAC
  • Model Review & Construction Documentation

What’s included whilst training at Pentagon?

  • A fully certified instructor
  • CAD software and courseware
  • Hands-on training – plenty of time to ask questions!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee on every course!
  • Free refreshments and parking
  • On-site games

Get in touch with the Pentagon team today to start or continue your Revit journey.

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