Pentagon presents BIM Masterclass at Govtoday

BIM Today: 2016 and Beyond Event held at The Mermaid (London)


Pentagon BIM Consultants presented a BIM Masterclass outlining relevant BIM strategies incorporating; risks, EIR requirements, BIM for client guidelines, L2 readiness, implementation training, and overall covering the broad spectrum of BIM related activities that need to be considered so that you can really win with BIM!

BIM today: 2016 & Beyond provided a crucial learning opportunity for construction and facilities management professionals to be updated on the latest information about BIM including recent innovations and the current level of BIM integration into the construction marketplace. For the private sector, it was an opportunity to debate on a national stage the performance of the industry and the policy input from Whitehall. For the public sector, the event provided vital knowledge to help realise the key target full BIM Level 2 implementation by 2016 and look towards Level 3 and 4 utilisation in the medium/long term.

Everyone’s talking about BIM but not everyone knows the facts. 

Pentagon BIM director, David Gawley, referred to ‘BIM bluff’ throughout his class whilst highlighting a simplified adoption plan that could help demystify BIM by clarifying your approach so that the bluff surrenders to solid facts & procedures. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process that is revolutionising construction and facilities management, moving the industry from the analogue age into the digital. In terms of the basics, BIM involves the digital representation of real-life spaces and objects and the ability to simulate their functional characteristics. While this is a simple enough concept to understand the technology required is sophisticated, and its implications are significant. Using BIM, industry can now forecast the performance of construction projects across their entire life cycle and predict maintenance necessities, sustainability and practical performance.

In the UK, HM Government has been a strong proponent of BIM rollout in the construction sector, not least in relation to public sector contracts. A key advocate is Minister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude: “This Government’s four year strategy for BIM implementation will change the dynamics and behaviours of the construction supply chain, unlocking new, more efficient and collaborative ways of working. This whole sector adoption of BIM will put us at the vanguard of a new digital construction era and position the UK to become the world leaders in BIM”.

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