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Driving project success with Autodesk AutoCAD


The Challenge

Cross Refrigeration specializes in the design and installation of bespoke commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions for the food and distribution sectors using the most energy-efficient equipment and refrigerants on the market. For the highest quality design and installation for clients, Cross Refrigeration is faced with the challenge of maintaining a highly skilled team that is proficient in the tools they use for designs, plans, and sections. Currently, the firm is challenged to meet business deadlines, therefore, it is important that their staff are as proficient as possible in the Autodesk tools they are using such as Autodesk AutoCAD.

As a leading independent refrigeration company, Cross Refrigeration delivers engineered and bespoke solutions for clients both nationally and internationally. Their projects focus consistently on maintaining an elevated level of commitment to innovation, precision, and quality. Their project teams must develop the necessary skills and stay up to date with the latest refrigeration technology, control systems, and refrigerants to ensure that they keep their projects at a high-quality level whilst maintaining with their clients.

The Solution

Autodesk AutoCAD’s ability to improve the workflows of teams is evident. This software enabled Cross Refrigeration to complete its projects in a faster and more efficient way due to the software’s automated and customized features such as the DWG compare and the ability to compare two versions of a drawing without leaving your current window. The tool fits perfectly as they can integrate and streamline their design process across all projects.  They have ensured that they maintained a highly skilled project team by sending their new Project Engineer on Pentagon Solutions’ 3-Day Guide to Learning Autodesk AutoCAD course at their fully furnished training suite based in Belfast. With this member of the team only having limited self-taught knowledge of Autodesk AutoCAD, this course taught them how to utilize Autodesk AutoCAD to its full potential.

The Result

Autodesk AutoCAD has allowed Cross Refrigeration to stay connected to accurate data throughout the lifecycles of their projects.  Learning Autodesk AutoCAD enabled the Project Engineer to significantly enhance their knowledge of the software’s design/drafting procedures and terminology. Autodesk AutoCAD’s ability to produce precise drawings & models has driven efficiency within Cross Refrigeration’s projects by enhancing accuracy and saving costs, alongside enhancing their productivity by automating common tasks and streamlining data-rich workflows.

Cross Refrigeration will continue to use Autodesk AutoCAD across its project teams as it is a perfect fit for their business. Pentagon can help Cross Refrigeration maintain a highly skilled and proficient team by offering them further training on Autodesk Courses from their certified instructors and offering consultancy services on any future projects. Cross Refrigeration will continue to drive efficiency for their designs and ensure they remain leaders in the designing and installation of bespoke industrial installations.

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