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BlueCielo Explorer Module

Share engineering data globally throughout the extended enterprise

The Explorer module provides significant benefits for global owner/operators and engineering contractors that need timely access to technical asset information and documentation

With increased globalisation and companies expanding their international presence, the need to share engineering data globally throughout the extended enterprise has rapidly increased. The viewing community that needs to access and review this information has grown to include staff from maintenance, operations, purchasing, external suppliers and on-site contractors around the world.

With the growing viewing community, the amount of time wasted in locating the right information increases, leading to decreased productivity. There is a rising need to have simple, advanced search capabilities. Our BlueCielo Meridian Explorer module enables the quick and accurate enterprise-wide availability of technical documentation to a large global viewer community.

Key Capabilities

  • Global Availability of Engineering Data
  • Consolidated Engineering Data Warehouse
  • Control Access & Protect Intellectual Property
  • Support Construction & Commissioning
  • Support Operations & Maintenance

Key Benefits

  • Increased engineering, operations and maintenance staff productivity through search time reduction
  • Globally accessible and consolidated source of technical information
  • Reliable revision control and easy access to actual as-built documentation
  • Global and immediate access to up-to-date business critical data for inspections
  • Business critical documents available at all locations
  • Reduced data distribution costs
  • Effective access to business critical documentation in predefined views