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BlueCielo Advanced Project Workflow Module

The Advanced Project Workflow module is the newest add-on module for BlueCielo Meridian Enterprise

The Advanced Project Workflow enables the management of complex projects and fully supports the Management of Change process of Owner/Operators who need to comply with regulations

Project-driven organizations, such as the engineering departments of Owner/Operators or contractors executing projects for them, are faced with projects that are becoming more and more complex, while regulations require full proof of control over processes and design decisions. The Advanced Project Workflow module simplifies project management, reduces project throughput time, supports regulatory compliance and protects the integrity of your master data.

Key Capabilities

  • Management of Change Support
  • Concurrent Projects
  • Managing Complex Projects
  • Maintain Master Data As-Built
  • Extensive Configurability
  • Compliance with Quality Standards & Procedures

Key Benefits

  • Quick setup of projects according to standards and procedures
  • Projects delivered according to project plans
  • Reduced project throughput time
  • Increased plant safety through fully-controlled as-built documents
  • Full proof of control for internal and external audits