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Maintenance Connection


Comprehensive Proactive Maintenance Management

Optimise your maintenance performance by empowering your workforce with asset intelligence and the ability to manage work orders, organise and execute preventative maintenance, predict when assets need maintenance, and manage enterprise assets and equipment inventory.


  • Scalable: Equally effective for single-site or enterprise-wide installations

  • Data-driven Preventive Maintenance: Anticipate and proactively avoid unplanned downtime

  • Workflow Efficiency: Streamline maintenance time and increase labour productivity

  • Secure Mobile Access: Anytime, anywhere ability to view and manage work orders and asset data

  • Proven integrations: Link with 25 top ERP systems

  • Accurate MRO Costing: Gain insight into actual maintenance spend



  • Reduce Downtime: Use asset intelligence and preventive maintenance to minimize costly unplanned outages     

  • Decrease Maintenance Costs: Streamline work order completion and maximize resource effectiveness

  • Improve Labor Efficiency: Facilitate better resource scheduling and enable faster repair time

  • Lower Inventory Expenses: Save money using barcoding and automated inventory control

  • Extend Asset Life: Stop reacting and start planning maintenance with improved asset insight



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