The Ultimate BIM Bundle

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The Ultimate BIM Bundle

The Ultimate BIM Bundle Details

The Ultimate BIM Bundle

£1,650.00 +VAT

The Ultimate BIM Bundle will ensure you receive a deeper dive into all things BIM! Walk away with greater project visibility, a better BIM mindset, more collaborative workflows, and the ability to wield the leading BIM technology – Revit.


How does it work?

The Ultimate Bundle range will ensure you experience a deeper dive into Autodesk technologies over 6 days. Your bundle will remain active for up to 9 months, so you can complete each course at a time that suits you. All Ultimate Bundles are for various skill levels, roles, and career ambitions.

The Ultimate BIM bundle is multi-disciplinary with the option to customise further with advanced bolt-ons for the more experienced BIM advocate. This bundle is for those who want to advance their skillset within the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry and focuses on leading BIM authoring technologies and processes. Attend online or join us in person at our fully furnished training facility- neither is a compromise on quality! Private and group training available.

Why Attend?

Our team of trusted Digital Transformation experts can help you at any stage of your BIM journey by combining real-world BIM methodologies and practical training to help reduce risk, cost, time, waste and energy from your project. Furthermore, we are a member of the BSI Associate Consultant Programme and have the industry experience to accelerate your transition to BIM or take it to the next level (ask about our advanced bolt-on options). Walk away with greater visibility, a better BIM mindset, more collaborative workflows, and the ability to wield the leading BIM technology – Revit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Delve deep into the leading BIM technology: Revit Essentials Course (3 Days) Different disciplines offered Family Creation (2 Days) BIM for Beginners (1 Day)
At Pentagon, we provide access to the latest Revit Software. Our instructors are up to date with current industry standards, ensuring that you return to work armed with the latest knowledge and an official Autodesk Certificate for each course in your bundle. Worth 30 CPD Points.
When you book a regular training course with Pentagon, you are booking only one course, on a specific date and time. However, when you choose an Upskill Bundle, you are embarking on a flexible learning pathway. You will have 9 months to complete the Bundle and you can book each section at a time and pace that suits you. Rather than completing an isolated course, the bundles have been crafted to ensure that you have a well-rounded and complementary learning experience. Also, did we mention the bundles are more cost-effective and you are saving up to 15% when purchased this way/
The Express Bundles are designed to jumpstart your journey in AutoCAD, Revit or BIM. As a complete beginner, these intensive 3-day courses will provide the hands-on practice needed to develop the essential skills required when using leading Autodesk Products. The Ultimate Bundles are to provide a deeper dive into Autodesk Technologies and have been categorised by discipline. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, they are designed to push you to the next level, over a longer period.

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