Construction Project Data: Your Digital Business Strategy's Genesis.

High Fidelity Data created at the Design phase and maintained through the various Construction phases empowers Owner Operators to achieve Digital Goals and accelerate Digital Business Strategies.

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We Support Owner Operators and their Supply Chains during Asset Creation and Operation

The Team at Pentagon Solutions help you maintain High Fidelity Data across all phases of capital projects to aid and empower Digital Business initiatives that drive advanced interactions and experiences within Owner Operators Assets. Such as Smart Assets for Performance Management, Digital Twins, Smart Spaces /Buildings / Factories / Assets / World, BIM, Blockchain in Construction.
The Pentagon Solutions Team will help you through all phases of Capital projects to ensure your Digital Targets are addressed and surpassed.


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Change Management of digital assets

Eliminate data silos and instead establish a central resource for data and information that can be accessed by different departments. This process should be governed by a change management system that facilitates integration with your existing systems that your teams use to perform their daily operations.

Digital project collaboration

Collaboration is key in digital construction, bringing together architects, engineers, contractors, and clients through digital tools to streamline work. With our extensive background working on BIM projects for prominent clients worldwide, we can assist you in implementing this approach in all of your projects.

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Data management & Document control

In truth, your data is your greatest asset and Pentagon can help you fully realise its potential to ensure your operations run more efficiently than ever before and help you achieve the Digital Goals that will drive your Digital Business Strategy.

Asset integration

Pentagon Digital Integration bridges the business, engineering and digital gaps to ensure asset operational excellence. We can ensure seamless integration of all your ASSET-related information and documentation including EAM, CAFM, CMMS and GIS systems.


BIM, digital twin, and CDE methodology walk hand in hand. Pentagon ensures you implement the correct processes, train the right people and maximise your investment in your chosen digital technologies.

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Our Flawless Process

Pentagon ensures the project goal for an agile, profitable project will span all aspects of the construction process from Design, Construction, Handover and Operation.

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A comprehensive range of services
to add value to your business!

Pentagon Solutions offers a comprehensive range of CAD, EDM & BIM services in the UK & Ireland, including:


An established and certified CAD & BIM Consultancy team


A robust Business Support process! Get our Customer Success Hub.


3D BIM models & custom objects creation for clients.


Your data is your greatest asset. We can help you make the most of it.


Bespoke Solutions from the team behind Construction Intelligence


CAD & BIM software training courses from our Training Centres


One-to-one CAD, EDM & BIM software subscription services


Project and digital workflow assistance


Everything you need to get started with your chosen technology.


Drafting & Modelling Services​ across all projects.


Implementation of Cloud Technologies


Pentagon can act as Information Manager across your projects

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Construction Integration

When implementing digital technologies in construction, it's important to choose wisely. We can recommend various solutions to ensure efficiency and avoid complications.

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Solutions to help Manage, Control & Share Engineering Drawings & Data

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Insights to Transform Productivity & Quality on Projects



Need Help Establishing a Single Source of Truth?

A Single Source of Truth (SSoT) is essential before implementing a Digital Twin approach in construction projects. These projects produce various outputs, such as models, production data, schedules, and more, all of which need to be interconnected for access by different departments. Clients must have confidence in seamless workflow integration for asset changes and documentation, and mobile access is necessary for on-site and off-premise use with varying permissions.

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