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CI: Common Features

CI: Common Features

Common Features:


– Automatically track & record hours spent per project

– Remove the need to manually complete & compile timesheets for invoicing

– Compare actual time against estimated durations 

Activity Log

– Improve visibility on project progress

– Provide a breakdown of project activities by defined deliverables (files, scope, system, etc . .)

– Quantity utilisation of project resources to enable better forecasting 

Issue Tracker

– Capture quality issues observed during model reviews

– Record & assign issues which may impact on project delivery

– Track the status of all issues via a web 

 Project Metrics

– Automate the process of measure work completed at pre-defined intervals

– Quickly calculate pipe/duct lengths by system/line number

– Improve confidence that adequate resources are in place to meet project requirements 

Resource Manager

– Administration utility to manage resources assigned to each project

– Validate that users are focused on assigned tasks

– Customise setting per project for all connected modules

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