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What’s driving the need for engineering information management

What’s driving the need for engineering information management

Discover how EIM addresses ever-increasing industry challenges, and learn EIM best practices and pitfalls to avoid from a Frost & Sullivan industry analyst.

Owner-operators in highly competitive, process-driven industries are facing increasing challenges in the effort to maximize the efficiency of their revenue-generating assets and remain profitable. Some of these challenges include managing a growing number of plant modification projects, rising regulations and demands for compliance, and widening acceptance of cloud and hybrid solutions.

In this webinar, Adrian Drozd of Frost & Sullivan discusses these industry challenges, how Engineering Information Management (EIM) addresses these challenges, and EIM best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

Watch this webinar on demand (available on right side panel) where we examine:

  • ECM, EIM, ALIM – What is it all about?
  • The trends causing challenges for owner-operators
  • Increasing challenges driving the need for EIM
  • How EIM systems address these industry challenges
  • EIM best practices and pitfalls to avoid
  • Q&A with Frost & Sullivan industry analyst

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