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Switch to Collections

Offer available until October 25, 2018

Take advantage of a special offer to switch to an Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection subscription.

Customers who have made an investment in Autodesk solutions have an opportunity to take advantage of additional value and workflow benefits provided by collections.

How it works:

If you have a current subscription to an individual product like AutoCAD, Revit or an old Design Suite, you can at any point in your subscription term move to a Collection and save 20%* on the remaining months of your existing term. The offer is valid August 7th through October 25th (dates inclusive).

Why switch?
Get more for less. It's all the Autodesk software you need – now, and in the future!

With the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection, you can access the software you use today along with a set of integrated tools to meet any future project challenges. Whether you work in building design, infrastructure design, construction, or a combination of these industries, the AEC Collection will rise to the challenge and it's great value.

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The offer is available for annual and multi-year terms as well as for both single-user and multi-user. The term length and usage type must remain consistent with existing subscription.

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