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Contact our Support Team on +44 2890 455355 or

We're here to help. Same support address but now with online support system!

Our online support system provides you with more control - from creating and checking your tickets to accessing useful 'how-to' links.
Yes, you can still use the telephone but you can now track your ticket’s progress, access previous cases, and see which member of our support team is handling it. It's our way of enhancing your customer experience and ensuring you receive the best support when you need it. 
It's not just a ticket system - it's a complete customer support suite! 

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Having an issue? We can help.
So you’re having some problems and as always in these situations, there are several questions that immediately come to mind. Is it the application, the PC or the Server?
Of course, it could also be the infrastructure or possibly the WAN and there’s also the possibility that knowing the application a little better might be the answer to the problem.
Because Pentagon support staff are qualified in all areas of “potential” issues we can get to the heart of the problem quickly without major upset to your business. Our support knowledge base is probably the largest in the UK & Ireland for CAD and technology-related products. We don’t focus on the application alone, we help you solve the issue whatever area it relates to and then we put in place the correct procedures to make sure the issue doesn’t recur.
Pentagon Support Packages
If your CAD systems go down how critical is it to your business?
  • Do you know how much it costs you?
  • Have you ever lost a drawing file?
  • Do you know how to recover lost engineering data?
Pentagon is an industry leader in providing the most comprehensive CAD support service to our customers, to ensure critical business continuity and to minimise engineering or system downtime. Pentagon provides a complete interoperable solution into your business and we provide various levels of support depending on the needs or requirements of your business, whether it be
  • priority telephone service
  • on-site assistance
  • system health checks
  • remote desktop log in assistance
Contact us to discuss the various levels of support that we provide.

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"Very professional and efficient response. Fixed immediately"
Michael O'Brien, Sigma-Aldrich Company Ltd 

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