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The Comprehensive Plant Design Software for SolidWorks

SolidPlant is the newest comprehensive plant design system available today

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SolidPlant takes advantage of the best mechanical CAD (SolidWorks) and specification driven plant design systems, combining them seamlessly. After generations of engineers working in a 2D CAD environment with not much choice or options available, SolidPlant now brings a real 3D design environment with advanced features to the engineer’s desktop. If you are familiar with SolidWorks and are trying to design a process plant, SolidPlant is the perfect solution. SolidWorks + SolidPlant will blow your mind away!

SolidPlant Advantages

  • SolidPlant has a broad selection of tools and features for efficient plant design. You will achieve profitable results and design with high precision in a shorter time. SolidPlant offers a very competitive all-in-one plant design and piping software package on top of SolidWorks standard.
  • SolidPlant Piping Specification Database provides engineer with a great tool to prepare piping data as easily as possible without compromising on accuracy
  • Significantly decrease human error by reducing the needs of data re-entry by using tag names linkage to the whole project design
  • Simplify desig/n process by creating better 3D grids, faster and easier
  • Able to export an accurate PCF file format that allows you to connect to other applications
  • Speed up complex piping system design with the use of automatic routing feature

SolidPlant Capabilities:


Smart fitting allows you to extend or add pipe branches by dragging any point you like on the pipe. This feature will automatically put the fitting on. If it’s an extending pipe, the fitting will change for example from elbow to T.

Structural Modeler

SolidPlant offers you the right tool to create a better 3D grid faster and easier. Creating of model stairs, ladders, handrails and some other members of structure usually consume a lot of time and effort by SolidPlant, it simplifies this job with just one click.


The SolidPlant application is provided with ISOGEN. The world’s leading solution for the total automation of piping isometric drawing production. ISOGEN is the de facto standard CAD system for drawing piping isometrics. Eliminating the need to manually edit isometric drawings significantly reduces fabrication and on-site construction errors, SolidPlant added ISOGEN to its application.


SolidPlant provides users with a BOM. A hierarchical list of materials used in the assembly. The list contents raw materials, sub-assemblies, intermediate assemblies, sub-components, components, parts and the quantities of each needed to manufacture an end product.


SolidPlant is a very open software solution in contrast to some other products available in the market. SolidPlant is open for every P&ID package available as long as it exports to an .xls format. SolidPlant is a 3D package for the physical 3D design with exact pipe lengths and shapes, for the dedicated 3D piping designer. Why did SolidPlant not include an own P&ID: SolidPlant’s philosophy and experience is that FEED, PFD, P&ID and 3D modeling are not done by one single person, department or even company. Every step is a profession by itself! SolidPlant made the decision to focus on a single part of the process and put all our effort in there.