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DriveWorks for SOLIDWORKS

Have you discovered DriveWorks for SOLIDWORKS?

Design Automation Are your designs the same but different? AUTOMATE!

Does your company create new designs based on a theme? Do you have repetitive design tasks that could be automated? Could your products be defined by a set of rules?

DriveWorks Overview
Create a Custom Configurator that ANYONE can use.
Use DriveWorks locally or on the web to configure custom designs quickly and easily. Generate Manufacturing Drawings, 3D Models and Sales Documents automatically. DriveWorks software is used by companies across many different industries worldwide. It’s ideal for same but different designs. From trailers to conveyors, furniture to machinery, mechanical seals to pressure vessels, windows & doors.

What is DriveWorks?
DriveWorks software lets you capture and re-use knowledge and rules to specify, design and engineer to order. Use DriveWorks to automate repetitive tasks and generate design and manufacturing output quickly and accurately. Create custom products in minutes… not days!

DriveWorks Xpress included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS by DS SOLIDWORKS

  •  Create new variations of your parts, assemblies & drawings automatically

DriveWorks Solo The quick and easy way to create custom products inside SolidWorks. Set up and use in the engineering department.

  • Reduce the cost of custom designs
  • Respond quickly to sales enquiries
  • Enhance product quality
  • Reduce repetitive tasks

DriveWorks Pro

  • DriveWorks software is used by engineers, sales teams, distributors and customers to design, engineer and configure to order.
  • Automatically generate manufacturing data, 3D Models and Sales Documents inlcuding Quotes
  • Use DriveWorks Configurator software to respond to more enquiries, generate more custom orders and win more business

Take a Quick Look at the DriveWorks Products for Yourself!

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