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Utilities Industry

Includes integration with CMMS systems, GIS & ECM platforms.

The leading solution to enhance asset management and performance throughout the asset life cycle for Owner/Operators in Asset intensive industries.

Meridian engineering document management (EDM) system manages technical asset documentation and engineering drawings providing field employees mobile access to asset documentation and drawings to preserve control of engineering data changes with highly configurable workflows.
The Utilities Industry provides a critical public service so it is important that all employees involved with designing, building, operating, and maintaining these facilities are able to easily and quickly find and manage the documentation needed for the efficient and safe operation of these complex plants and environments.

Direct Linkage to CMMS – e.g. Maximo, Ultimo, Infor, SAP PM

  • Meridian Enterprise provides the necessary control over documents, their revisions, workflow, and approval along with managing links to externally referenced documents.
  • When integrated with a maintenance management system, the two systems work together to provide a comprehensive solution that eliminates costly errors caused by working with incorrect or obsolete tag information or documents. 
  • Asset Tagging For Documents
    • Meridian links asset information obtained from a maintenance management system to documents shown in Meridian Enterprise. This provides convenient access to asset data to engineering users and other departments  
    • Link and build many relationships between documents, CAD models and assets

CAD Interoperability and Cloud Enterprise System Integration

In the world of document management, there is a wide range of systems available, whether it be for general or more specialized purposes. For many organisations, it can be a huge challenge attempting to manage their asset information with off-the-shelf Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems such as Sharepoint or use file hosting services such as Dropbox for data collaboration. Accruent’s engineering information management solution differs from generic enterprise content management tools by managing engineering information throughout the entire asset lifecycle providing control, change management, Xref management,  speed, accuracy, full audit trails, security and compliance.
  • Meridian seamlessly integrates with CAD applications including Autodesk favourites such as Revit and Navisworks, making it the perfect choice when designing for Offsite Construction!
  • Meridian enhances efficiency by integrating with other platforms like EAM, ERP, ECM, CMMS, Office, etc.
  • Meridian Cloud is SOC 2 Type II certified demonstrating approved processes that deliver Security, Availability and Data Integrity globally.


Meridian helps over 350,000 maintenance, operations and engineering professionals keep their asset documentation up to date.


Reduce costs with a centralized digital archive (Common Data Environment) while leveraging investment in your existing CAD, EAM and SAP systems. Avoid downtime through continuous maintenance, improved contractor management and project monitoring. 


Process controls that drive projects forward. Meridian Cloud’s project-centric design enforces change control policies through a familiar workflow that enables concurrent engineering when you need it.

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