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Oil & Gas Industry

An Engineering Content Management Solution for your industry

Comprehensive solutions for increased efficiency, improved productivity and immediate access to accurate information from any location in a single point of truth.



In the event of unplanned downtime, the ability to quickly access correct information is critical, and may define the company’s profitability and reputation. Oil & Gas companies must have control of their engineering documents and drawings at all times to minimize downtime and improve safety as well as to be able to respond to a critical situation fast.


Engineering information may be spread across several locations or systems within the organization. This can cost time spent locating documents and verifying they are up to date and reflect the actual situation on-site. Concurrent engineering and outsourcing further complicates data management as a document may be in use in multiple projects at once.








Get more from your assets


BlueCielo’s solutions are used by the largest global Oil & Gas companies to meet the challenges of volatile world markets. Our software helps to improve the effectiveness and reliability of production assets, control operating costs and assure safety.



Ensure all asset-related information is available through a single point of truth, with local, hosted or Cloud-based solutions for 24/7 global access. Control data during change and concurrent engineering projects, so maintenance and engineering teams always work with up-to-date master data. Enhance document identification, save time and optimize project execution with tag-doc relations.


Use a single, trusted solution to improve operational excellence throughout the enterprise. Protect your license to operate and assure any time control with a full audit trail, dashboard reporting and immediate access to accurate information. Receive a higher return on assets, increase efficiency and reduce the cost of production by improving your management of asset-related information.

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