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Food & Beverage Industry

An Engineering Content Management Solution for your industry

An Engineering Content Management (ECM) solution to help companies meet FDA requirements & ISO standards

BlueCielo offers a configurable Engineering Content Management solution to help food and beverage companies meet FDA requirements and ISO standards. Regulatory compliance is a serious concern, as non-compliance could endanger a company’s product quality, time to market, and ability to operate.

The need for asset owners within the industry to meet FDA requirements and ISO standards means that all processes and methodologies associated with the production of food and beverage components must be rigorously documented. Furthermore, compliance mandates under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) necessitate the use of a full audit trail for all food production processes, interactions with customers and suppliers and processes used throughout the product lifecycle. In the event of contamination, it is imperative that companies have correct as-built data for their assets so that no time is wasted dealing with the wrong parts and any problems can be solved quickly and cost-effectively.

Our solution includes improved document workflows and fast, secure access to as-built data of assets.

By easily accessing and sharing engineering information across the enterprise, BlueCielo helps companies in the food and beverage industry to enhance, automate, and streamline asset operations throughout the asset lifecycle and avoid costly operational disruptions. This leads to decreased downtime and increased operational efficiency.


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