How to Restore a Single Document


This article describes how to restore a single document, in case a document became corrupted or lost.


To be able to restore one or more documents the BlueCielo Meridian vault data should be included in your daily backup.

For example, if the document with the name “B9823 Specification.doc” was corrupted and you would like to restore this file from a backup.

Steps to restore the file:

As the Documents managed in your vault are physically stored as streams in the “BC-Meridian Vaults” Folder with an encrypted document name, we first need to identify the encrypted path+name to restore.

You can do this by searching for the file name in the batch file created by the Recovery log.

The recovery log will be in a path similar to “BACKUP:\DRIVE\BC-Meridian Vaults\VAULT NAME\Backup\recover.bat”

Opening in notepad and searching for the string of text “B9823 Specification.doc” will find this entry in the batch file:

AMRecover %recoverdir% “\\?\C:\BC-Meridian Vaults\Demo\Mechanical\8FA0\546EE97A \40A311D6\7295C800\CONT.3D2” “\*” “\Projects\2002\Universal Joint\0564-02-0001 \B9823 Specification.doc”


C:\BC-MeridianVaults\Demo\Mechanical\8FA0\546EE97A\40A311D6\7295C800\CONT.3D2” is the path to the stream file of the document we like to restore.

Now you can locate this file on your Backup, you can do one of:

  • Restore this file to it’s original location in the live stream path. e.g.. replace C:\BC-MeridianVaults\Demo\Mechanical\8FA0\546EE97A\40A311D6\7295C800\CONT.3D2 with the copy of CONT.3D2 from the backup
  • Make a copy and rename the file e.g. rename CONT.3D2 to B9823 Specification.doc and then :
    • Open this file, or,
    • Import back this file back in to Meridian as a new document or new revision of an existing document

Alternative Method to Identify Stream Path

Alternatively In BC-Meridian you can also find the stream path of the document in the Advanced Document Information. This info is displayed when you click on the document Icon of the General document Page.

Figure 1: Meridian Power User Property Page

This will display extended document information including the stream name of the document.

Figure 2: Document Information Page

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