Best practices for using Autodesk software when working remotely.


What are your options for using Autodesk software from home?
Options vary, depending on your license type. This document provides an overview of the options available for each license type.

Please Note: This document includes guidance only; the terms of your Autodesk license agreements will always take precedence. For a complete view of Autodesk’s license terms, please review your active agreements. Additional information pertaining to the access and use of Autodesk products and services can be found in the Legal section of the Autodesk website.


Standalone Licenses (included in subscriptions with single-user access)
Network Licenses (included in subscriptions with multi-user access and Token Flex)


Single-user access

If you have a single-user subscription or a single-user maintenance plan, simply use your serial number or account information to activate the software on your home computer. Please note: only one instance of the software can be active at any given time, either on your work computer or your home computer.

If you have issues or need assistance, submit an Installation and Activation web case.


For multi-user subscriptions and/or network maintenance plans, the Autodesk Home Use Rights Benefit is available for eligible products only. View the Home Use Eligible Product List.

If you have a multi-user subscription or network maintenance plan, your users can borrow a license from your network license server to use at home, or you can request a license for home use for your users

Token Flex Enterprise Business Agreements (EBAs)

If your company has an Autodesk Enterprise Business Agreement (EBA), there are a few options that will allow users to access your desktop products at home.

Option 1
Your Autodesk software can be accessed remotely through Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections. If your VPN can support this, it allows your users to access the products on demand and as required. In a Token Flex model, tokens will be consumed as usual.

Option 2
In situations where maintaining an ongoing VPN connection is not possible, users can temporarily connect to your company network (either through VPN or at the office), launch the required product, and then borrow a license from the network license server. Tokens will be consumed until the license is returned or until the return date is reached.

Please note: the default duration for borrowing is six months; however, the return date and other details pertaining to how license borrowing works for your company depend on your configuration settings.

Option 3
If VPN access is not possible, as an EBA customer, you are permitted to install the Autodesk Network License Manager (NLM) on a server within your cloud/DMZ environment. The Autodesk Network Licensing Reporting Service (NLRS) must also be installed and reporting on this server. With NLRS installed and reporting, product usage will be tracked, and tokens will be consumed as usual. You are responsible for all usage on the server and for securing access to it.

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