The Future of PentagonMail Assistant & PentagonDocs Assistant

Join our customer-exclusive webinar to learn more about our plans for PentagonMail Assistant and PentagonDocs Assistant (formerly Excitech Mail and Excitech Docs).

 Event Highlights:

📅 Thursday 29th February 2023 | 11 am

📍 Location:

Online – Register & Receive Invite Link.

In this session, we will showcase live previews and provide valuable insights!


First, we’ll dive into the PentagonDocs Assistant Roadmap!

  • Early March Release:
    • Transmittals Enhancement – Live Demo
    • PentagonDocs Assistant Rebranding Sneak Peek
  • Spring 2024:
    • PentagonDocs Assistant Rebranding Official Launch
    • BIM360 Support for Revit Models
    • Document Naming Enhancement
  • Summer 2024:
    • Revit Sheet ID Sync

And then we will see what the PentagonMail Assistant Roadmap will deliver!

  • Early March Release:
    • New Autodesk ACC/BIM360 Filing Location Option – Live Demo
    • Network Multicast Filing
    • Bug Fix: DPI Issues on High-Resolution Monitors Resolved
    • PMA Branded Licence Portal Introduction
  • Spring 2024:
    • PMA Branded Licence Portal Rollout
    • Bug Fix: Enhanced Handling of SharePoint 403 Errors
    • Additional Filing Locations
  • Summer 2024:
    • PMA Support for New Outlook
    • Automatic Filing of Original/Source Email on User Replies

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead with the latest enhancements and be a part of the journey of PentagonDocs Assistant and PentagonMail Assistant.

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