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SolidWorks Simulation Demo

Thursday, April 16, 2015 2:00 PM
Tyrone, Northern Ireland
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Experience New, Powerful Simulation Capabilities with SOLIDWORKS!

Join the team at Pentagon for a complimentary demo to explore SolidWorks® Simulation, you can test your designs for stress, temperature, factor of safety, pressure, and many other variables in a matter of minutes, while you're working on it and before one single prototype is created. 

When you design with SolidWorks Simulation:

  • You never need to leave the SolidWorks interface
  • You can determine the best materials and configurations for your design
  • You'll create the most efficient design, every time
  • Enhance product quality by creating virtual environments to test designs before manufacture
  • Solve design challenges using multiple simulation scenarios and comparing results to identify the optimum designs
  • Perform complex simulations for specialized applications, such as fluid flow, plastics molding, dynamic loading, composite materials, heat transfer, and mor
  • Reduce prototyping costs by evaluating performance and boosting innovation before creating models