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SolidWorks Electrical (Webinar)

Friday, December 12, 2014 12:00 AM
Online, UK & Ireland

Design your Electrical & Mechanical Systems at the same time with SolidWorks Electrical!

Join Pentagon at this FREE webinar to learn how SolidWorks Electrical is the right solution for you!


  • Communication & integration issues between Electrical & Mechanical teams
  • Time & money wasted with manufacturing defects & scrap 
  • Isolated electrical 2D environment
  • Problems documenting your materials for the overall design



  • Faster design & better communication between Electrical & Mechanical depts
  • Ensure fit, check for collision/clash, automatic routing & calculating of wire lengths to reduce scrap
  • 3D model enables visualisation of overall product design, helping to ensure consistent assembly from unit to unit
  • Create a combined bill of materials (BOMs) for electrical and mechanical depts