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SolidWorks Electrical Webinar

Friday, March 17, 2017 9:30 AM
UK & Ireland (Online)

Charge up your electrical design process

SolidWorks Electrical is the answer to traditional collaboration challenges between electrical and mechanical design teams who often work separately, leading to error and miscommunication. A unified solution, producing automated reports and accurate schematics, SolidWorks Electrical can result in a 66% reduction in overall product design time.

Javier Gonzalez, the SolidWorks Technical manager will be hosting a live 30 minute webinar introducing the user friendly tools within SolidWorks Electrical. Join him and learn how to:

  • Streamline collaboration between teams working with electrical and mechanical designs
  • Visualise and modify the electrical data from 3D or 2D environments
  • Automatically create 3D cables, cable harnesses and wiring inside the mechanical design
  • Calculate accurate cable lengths and bundle diameters
  • Standardise designs and unify BOMs to avoid costly mistakes and delays