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Pentagon BIM Kick-start Event

Wednesday, November 12, 2014 12:00 AM
Pentagon Office - Belfast

Achieving BIM Level 2 Compliance

This event is applicable to anyone currently using BIM-authoring software including Designers, Contractors and supply chain. Pentagon have the expertise to help clients reap the benefits from their current software investment by providing direction on the road to BIM Compliance. The team of experienced BIM Consultants at Pentagon Solutions can act as a single source for your BIM needs: 

  • BIM Advice & Consultancy Services

  • BIM Authoring Software

  • BIM Software Training (Including how to become an Autodesk Certified User)

  • BIM Implementation & Adoption Plans

  • Consultative COBie specifications and integration

  • UK level 2 BIM Readiness for Clients, Designers, Contractors and supply chain 

  • BIM Project Kick-off Services

Join this free event to measure your current BIM ability & how we can help you progress!