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Final Countdown to BIM (2)

Monday, December 14, 2015 1:30 PM
Dublin, Ireland
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The Level 2 Deadline for UK BIM projects is looming

The final countdown to BIM is onthe April 2016 deadline fast approaches & the question of 'Are you ready for BIM?' is brought to the forefront within the construction industry.

But don't panic or surrender to BIM bluff instead book a complimentary 30 minute BIM consultancy slot with Pentagon & see where your company is on the BIM scale.  After initial discussions with our BIM consultant we can arrange further onsite BIM scoping exercises & can provide a deliverable in the form of personalised BEPs (BIM Execution Plans) for project related work. Our team of experienced BIM consultants provide a vast array of BIM services tailored to your needs so take advantage of this great opportunity to kick start BIM within your business.

We can act as a Single Source for your BIM needs providing: 

BIM Advice & Consultancy Services including GAP Analysis
BIM Authoring Software & Training
BIM Implementation & Adoption Plans
BIM Project Kick-off Services
Consultative COBie specifications and integration
UK Level 2 BIM readiness for Clients, Designers, Contractors & Supply Chain
BIM seminars, workshops & more!

Whether you're new to BIM (Building Information Modeling) or an experienced "BIM-plementer" you will benefit from booking a complimentary 30 minute slot with one of our BIM consultants to startup discussion on progressing your own unique BIM journey.

Limited places available contact us now to avoid disappointment: slots available from 10am - 4pm.