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Data Management Event (Belfast)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 9:30 AM
Belfast, N.Ireland
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Right data, Right person, Right time!

TAKE CONTROL with a common data environment that can help completely streamline your development process across the product life-cycle by:

  • Securely managing all your engineering data
  • Improve processes and communication
  • Facilitating design re-use
  • Managing distributed design teams
  • Working with suppliers and vendors

Time for Product Data Management
  • Short Productivity Curve - Fast ROI
  • Fast Implementation
  • Low training requirement

  • Built as extension of Windows Explorer
  • Integrated within SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD and Inventor
  • Powerful Search Tools - Design Reuse
  • Promotes design reuse to lower engineering and manufacturing costs

Fast & Powerful
  • Integrated into Windows Explorer and Open dialogs
  • Saved and Shared Search Favorites
  • Flexible Workflow – Maintain Compliance
  • Streamlines and enforces company processes

Ensure compliance
  • Easy to setup multiple workflows
  • Flexible and fully configurable to match your processes

  • Supports globally distributed design teams - WAN
  • Ability to locate files globally
  • Controls over replication schedule
  • Reduce bandwidth thru replication of current version only

All of which, saves time & money!