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EDM Solutions

Control, Manage & Share Engineering Documents, Drawings & Data across the Enterprise

Pentagon provides the best suited EDM solution for your industry

Pentagon is the leading provider in the UK & Ireland of Engineering Content Management (ECM) & Engineering Data or Document Management (EDM) software solutions to help Control, Manage & Share Engineering Documents, Drawings & Data.

Document (or Drawing) Management System (DMS)

Document and Drawing Management software systems manage single document or drawing files. Files may be created, approved, updated and made available to the organization, before being archived. This is called the Document Lifecycle. However, DMS does not manage the essential relationships between documents or the asset(s) to which they relate. While DMS functionality is sufficient for generic document management, it does not meet the needs of managing technical engineering information during change projects.

Engineering Content Management (ECM) Solution

Engineering Content Management (also known as Engineering Data Management or EDM) enlarges on the scope of DMS by managing all of the data used during engineering: technical documents, drawings, and data per project. ECM/EDM supports secure access to controlled content as well as options for search and retrieval, view, redline, markup and compare, CAD integration (such as reference management, X-refs, Hybrids, assembly structures, and 3D support), document workflows, revision management, and audit trail logging.

Manage product and project data – data management software not only enables design and engineering users to collaborate on better designs with fewer errors but also automates the product or project lifecycle. With features to facilitate team collaboration, data search, and re-use and revision management, the right technology will help teams make better use of their design data throughout the process. Get more control over design data with revision management capabilities and find and reuse design data quickly for easier management of your design and engineering information.