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BlueCielo Meridian 2016

BlueCielo Meridian 2016 Now Available

Meridian 2016 – What’s New

BlueCielo Meridian 2016 Whats New eBook

The new engineering software suite to maximize profitability and simplify collaboration in the cloud is now available: BlueCielo Meridian 2016.

BlueCielo Meridian 2016 introduces three software levels matched to organizational needs, and includes the launch of a new hybrid cloud product, Meridian360 Portal. The 2016 version is designed to meet the current needs of companies in asset-intensive industries and facilitate their future growth. In this release, the new functionalities will support globally operating organizations needing to centralize and improve collaboration with external contractors and suppliers. Three new Meridian product levels offer customers a choice of functionalities and focus areas to maximize their profitability:

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The Meridian 2016 What’s New eBook delivers a quick, clear overview of our software suite. Whether you are new to BlueCielo or you just want to know more about the 2016 software suite, this eBook provides the information you need in an easy to read format.

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