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What’s new in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD 2020 is here!

We’re thrilled to bring you AutoCAD 2020, packed with new features and enhancements to help you design, draft, and bring visions to life. With a subscription to AutoCAD including specialized toolsets, you’ll gain access to industry-specific specialized toolsets, flexibility with AutoCAD web and mobile apps, and the latest innovative features of AutoCAD 2020.
AutoCAD contains a raft of new and enhanced features and functionality:
  • DWG compare – easily identify and document graphical differences between two revisions of a drawing or xref
  • 2D graphics enhancements – zoom, pan, and change draw orders and layer properties faster
  • Shared views – share designs without releasing original files
  • Views and viewports – insert named views onto a layout, change the scale of or move a paper space viewport at any time, and quickly create new model views
Performance improvements speed up work! Our mission is for AutoCAD to continue to be the high-performing, high-fidelity, powerful engine you trust. With AutoCAD 2020:
  • Each time you save your work now takes just half a second—one whole second faster on average. This could save you hours of time each year. (In just one year, all AutoCAD users would save 80 work years collectively!)
  • In addition, install time is 50% faster for solid state hard drives.
But how does it compare to other versions?
Improvements since 2016
  • 2020 Save in half a second: Shave one second off each save on average.
  • 2020 Speedy install time: Up to 50% faster for solid state hard drives.
  • 2020 New dark theme: Modern blue aesthetic with contrast and sharpness improvements.
  • User interface: Flat-design icons and intuitive dialog boxes and toolbars.
  • 2D graphics: Better stability, fidelity, and performance.
  • 3D navigation performance: Up to 10x faster.
  • Save, move/copy performance boost with 2018 TrustedDWG™ file format.
  • Autodesk App Store and 600+ exchange apps.