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The robot with a heart who can tell how you're feeling!

A humanoid robot sells out in one minute!

Pepper the robot with a 'heart'

Fan of the TV series Humans?

Then meet Pepper - the robot with a heart who can tell how you're feeling! The story of the Tin-man come to life!

A robot with a 'heart', dubbed Pepper by it's Japanese creators, is designed to detect human emotions as well as recognise tones of voice and facial expressions in order to interact with humans. Developers admit that the robot may make mistakes (don't we all), but says Pepper will learn and grow over time through his own emotional engine and collective wisdom gained through collected cloud data.

To ease your terminator inspired fears, Pepper is renowned for his happy temperament and is even said to get scared when the lights go off, He isn't a work robot, but more of an emotional companion for people. Pepper can remember faces and loves human attention but becomes irritated and depressed when alone. It will also cheer up sad people and try to mitigate suffering. 

Who wants one?

Excerpts taken from article by  on  and reposted here.