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The Future of EIM Growth is in the Cloud

Frost & Sullivan Analysis of the Global Engineering Information Management Solutions Market

Frost & Sullivan recently released their market study about the Engineering Information Management (EIM) market. This study provides global and regional revenue forecasts and assessments, products-bluecielo logo.jpgbreakdowns by vertical, and reveals the technology shifts being leveraged by global businesses, including continued growth by BlueCielo ECM Solutions.

 Frost & Sullivan Report

Security, compliance and interoperability are major sales drivers today, especially in highly regulated industries. Vendors that have a strong vertical focus and develop particular expertise fare well in this market. According to the study, the value of hybrid and cloud solutions, especially for collaboration use cases, is very strong. BlueCielo is positioned to capitalize on this trend by expanding revenue streams with the vision to integrate BlueCielo Meridian with the Meridian360 Portal in the Cloud.

 Engineering Information Management

Frost & Sullivan defines Engineering Information Management (EIM) solutions as software solutions that enable the turnkey management of all engineering asset information for industries that are extremely process-focused, such as energy, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, chemicals, mining, and industrial manufacturing. EIM is a combination of multiple capabilities, and as a result, its functionality overlaps with complementary solutions including enterprise content management, records management, file management, document management, inventory control, contract management, supply chain management, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

 Leveraging the Cloud

The broadening scale of capital projects across energy, infrastructure and construction industries, combined with the compliance demands imposed by stringent regulatory environments in the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and utilities industries, is driving demand for centralized, consistent information management solutions. The deployment flexibility offered by hybrid and cloud models, and the ability of EIM solutions to integrate with other widely used enterprise solutions such as SAP, computer-aided design (CAD), and collaboration platforms including Microsoft SharePoint, help to maximize operational efficiencies, driving EIM sales.

 Improving Interoperability

BlueCielo is purely focused on managing asset-related engineering information (documents & data) without requiring a portfolio of CAD applications, but their solutions also offer extended integration options to maximize interoperability. BlueCielo software integrates with CAD applications, document management systems, enterprise content management systems and operational business control systems, such as for maintenance, engineering and project management.

This post was originally published by BlueCielo and is being reposted here