Switching from 2D to 3D

Keep up with the competition.

The demand for 3D is rapidly growing, as it offers shorter design cycles for faster deliverables and more detailed visualizations than 2D CAD.

And those advantages have real business value. By 2023, 3D design-based CAD is expected to generate £8,387.57 million in revenue, 196% more than 2D design.* So, it’s no surprise that across the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries and design firms alike, 3D modelling is increasingly winning favour over standard 2D CAD. 3D modelling not only improves the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of a design process but also provides a more detailed visual representation for end users. And it’s because of this dual benefit to a business and its customers that having 3D CAD software is now a major competitive advantage.

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Although making the switch can seem daunting it’s easier than you think! We’ve created a short series dedicated to this transition to demonstrate ways to get started with 3D software such as Autodesk Revit and the benefits of doing so.

Watch the first video in the series which guides you through how to get your 2D content such as images, pdfs, DWG files into 3D software.


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