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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Fights Dragon Fire

For Game of Thrones fans!

SOLIDWORKS have provided us with a fantastical way to test & discover the benefits of Flow Simulation which takes the complexity out of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to quickly and easily simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces critical to you.

Understanding how the flow of liquids or gases influences your design’s performance can be the difference between bringing a hot product to market and creating an unmitigated dumpster fire. The best way to stop a fire before it starts is by understanding computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

When you need to understand how liquids and gases will flow through your design, you do not need to export information from SOLIDWORKS or get assistance from an expert. Your 3D CAD data that you created in SOLIDWORKS is the foundation and starting point for CFD analysis. SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation uses CFD to enable engineers and designers to quickly and efficiently simulate fluid flow and heat transfer – all directly inside of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

And that brings us to the topic of dragons. Yes, dragons.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can inform you about HVAC and electronics cooling, but it can also help warrior-engineer Johnny Snow keep dragons from roasting his soldiers alive – as you’ll see in the below trailer (side bar on the right).




This post was originally published by By  on the SOLIDWORKS Blog and is being reposted here with permission from Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corporation.