Say Hello to Revit 2023!

From delivering on high impact productivity enhancements championed by our customers, to adding new desktop to cloud capabilities that unlock the power of data.

Revit 2023 offers architecture, engineering, and construction teams more fine-tuned, performant, and future-proofed software tools for designing and building in BIM.

Not only does 2023 offer new enhancements, but Revit is also celebrating its Silver Jubilee as the platform enters its 25th year! Originating in 1997, the software has grown to be a mature platform that continually improves each year.

What’s new to Revit 2023?

Revit 2023 offers significant enhancements to scheduling, structural analytical modelling, cloud capabilities for data management, 3D Sketch with Revit and FormIt Pro, performance upgrades and much, much more! 

Some of our favourite new features are as follows: 

Design productivity

Measure in 3D

  • Enables fast and convenient measurements in any 2D or 3D view.
  • Snap to any position in 3D without work plane restrictions
  • Works in orthographic and perspective 3D views
  • New hotkey (CTRL) to lock the measurement perpendicular to the start face
  • Activate Perpendicular snap to measure the shortest distance

Library-based connection design automation

Design steel structures more quickly and accurately 

Elevation base options

Improvements to elevation parameters help document and schedule more efficiently

Flip controls for fabrication parts 

Improvements to elevation parameters help document and schedule more efficiently

  • Easily reorient the direction of fabrication parts
  • Consistent with design parts 

Elevation controls for fabrication parts

Improvements to help you design more efficiently with fabrication parts

  • Editable elevation markers
  • Changes the entire run elevation for fabrication parts 
Simulation and analysis

Electrical preliminary load analysis

Estimate building loads prior to placement of Revit electrical families

  • Perform preliminary load calculations in Revit
  • Define Equipment Loads
  • Define boundary areas for Area-Based Loads
  • Specify Power Density, Load Classification, Power Factor, and Apparent Power Density for Area-Based Loads
  • Create an analytical power distribution system with the System Browser 

IFC parameters and export mapping dialogue

Improve the integrity of your IFC data exchanges

New built-in IFC attributes for all model elements

  • Export to IFC
  • Export to IFC As
  • IFC Predefined Type
  •  IFcGUID      

Cloud and Data

Fabrication data manager (FDM) technical preview

Powerful new features for hosting and managing fabrication parts in the cloud 

  • Upload fabrication configuration to the cloud
  • Built on Autodesk Forge
  • Manage data relationships
  • Easily share and manage content across project stakeholders 
  • Manage cloud models in Revit Home

    Locate, manage, and roll back Revit Cloud Models more easily

    • Manage Cloud Models in Revit Home screen
    • Remember the last account for Revit Cloud Models
    • Non-destructive model rollback for Revit Cloud Models  
    Document efficiency

    Conditional formatting for family and type in schedules

    Visually identify parameters in schedules

    Conditional formatting parameters for:

    • Family
    • Type
    • Family and Type

    Configured independently to help you differentiate 

    Filter by sheet in schedules

    Improved flexibility in the use of schedules on sheets

    • Automatic limit schedules to display elements visible on the same sheet
    • Based on a new Filter by sheet option on the Filter tab of the schedule properties
    • Automatic content update if view gets cropped on the sheet
    •  Dynamic sheet content behaviour when placing the same schedule on other sheets 

Tag all displaced elements in 3D views 

Generate more efficient, flexible documentation in 3D views

  •  Tag feature enabled for displaced elements in 3D views
  • Tag element before or after displacement, the tag will move with the element 

Add taggable categories

More categories to support better documentation

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