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Robot Wars

Autodesk & Megabot Team up to Challenge a Japanese Mech to a Duel

Yes, BattleBots may be back but its bigger brother is arriving too, in the form of a paintball duel between two gigantic, human piloted mechs.

These robots are manned, so obviously this won't be BattleBots-style carnage. Instead the robots will shoot paintballs, but seriously intense ones. The MegaBot Mark 2 fires 3-pound paint cannon balls at 100 miles per hour. Cages and other protective gear will keep that sort of stuff from hitting pilots directly, but you can bet that the paint splashing and the rattling of the robots will be plenty unpleasant and distracting for combatants.

It's called MegaBots, and the United States team along with its Megabot Mark II, just put out its first video taunt, challenging Japan and its million-dollar robot mech suit called Kuratas to a duel.

This first duel isn't due until sometime next year. In the meantime, MegaBot and Autodesk teamed up to solicit all kinds of other designs from engineers in hopes of padding out the roster a bit. There's no telling what kind of speed bumps these mech pilots could run into between now and the actual duel, and who knows whether giant robot paintball fighting—as nerdily awesome as it is—can catch on in a way that will make fights like this sustainable going forward. But here's to hoping, because even just watching this bot fire paintballs at a car is incredible.

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