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Pentagon Support Top Tips

Common support tips and tricks.

The latest series of SOLIDWORKS tutorials to help you get the most out of your chosen solution. Simple short tips that can help us help you or even quickly solve your support issue so you're back doing what you do best - creating great products!
We understand that sometimes seeing is believing and although we're happy to talk you through it over the phone/online, a little visual guidance can go a long way. 
It's another way of enhancing your customer experience and ensuring you receive the best support when you need it. 
We have a dedicated support team who aim to provide the most comprehensive CAD support service to our customers, to ensure critical business continuity and to minimize engineering or system downtime. What's handier than a 2/3 minute tutorial!


WATCH: Using the SOLIDWORKS Rx Problem Capture

Rx Tool.png


WATCH: Repairing your SOLIDWORKS installation

Repairing SOLIDWORKS.png


WATCH: How to deactivate a SOLIDWORKS license


Hugo topics for support deactivation [Autosaved].png



WATCH: Using Macros and Keyboard Shortcuts in SOLIDWORKS


Hugo topics for macros.png