Pentagon’s BIM for Beginners has had an Update…

BIM is always evolving, so we are too.

The Pentagon Solutions BIM for Beginners Training Course has been meticulously crafted to foster consistency and keep your focus sharp when it comes to BIM processes across every project. We take you back to the basics, delving into what BIM is and, just as importantly, what it isn’t. BIM isn’t a static concept; it’s a dynamic methodology for purposefully creating and managing project information. As technology advances and governmental requirements shift, BIM evolves. Given the rapid pace at which the BIM landscape changes, we reevaluate our training annually, with a keen eye on enhancing our BIM workshops.

You will not be disappointed with this one and it’s worth 5 CPD points too!

As Digital Construction Integrators, we’ve drawn upon our extensive real-world experience to enhance and refresh our most popular BIM Course – BIM for Beginners!


It can be difficult to keep on top of changes, developments, and processes in the digital construction space. It may be even more difficult to imagine implementing these advancements at an organisational level. At Pentagon Solutions, our job is to help you form a solid foundation of knowledge which we can then build upon along your digital journey, whatever your role.

As industry leaders, we stay up-to-date with UK Government Mandates and PAS1192 / ISO19650 Certification requirements so that your path to industry accreditation is as smooth as possible. We have reviewed our BIM training to ensure it reflects current governmental requirements and mandates so that you can trust us to make the technical bits make sense.

BIM for beginners

As well as taking you through the key UK Drivers, Standards and Requirements, a crucial step in our training is ensuring that you understand why BIM is necessary in terms of how information derived from BIM processes can be leveraged and managed to benefit your projects. Of course, cost and ROI will likely have crossed your mind as this is central to every single project and organisation. The BIM for Beginners Course takes a look at the positive impact that BIM has on project cost beyond designing and building a facility and during its operation post-handover.

As collaboration lies at the heart of BIM, we believe in a top-down approach to implementation and that proactive engagement across project teams and employee levels is vital to the success of any BIM Execution Plan. For this reason, BIM for Beginners is suitable for anyone wishing to learn more about how BIM can enhance collaboration, mitigate risk and lead to reduced project costs.

Finally, we have dedicated time to discuss the use of BIM Tools and BIM Terminology. Whilst BIM is not a software, a collection of applications should be used as part of an effective BIM strategy.

BIM acronyms

Our BIM for Beginners Course has been reviewed to reflect the current benefits of various BIM authoring software’s and their relevancy, ensuring that you are armed with the latest and most relevant information.

So, have you felt daunted by all the acronyms and up-skilling required to make a successful digital transformation? Or is your organisation already changing and you need to get up to speed with BIM? The newly revised BIM for Beginners Training Course will enable you to gain an overall understanding of BIM from its requirements, through to its benefits in cost, efficiency, and collaboration.


If you’d like to find out more about our BIM Services fill out the form below and ask whatever questions you may have.

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